Lisa Pinero

Just a note to thank you for getting my SONOSAX SX-ST mixer through the works so quickly! I started production on a new film (Bright) here in Los Angeles and the mixer feels like new!!

Also, I’ve already put my SX-R4+ to use on my cart as a recorder which I can easily pull out and use as a very light and powerful “over-the-shoulder” recorder when I need one. The interface is very simple to learn and use. The build and sound quality is amazing as always.

Warmest regards,

Lisa Pinero

Freelance sound engineer and proud owner of a SONOSAX SX-ST mixer with which she completed dozens a feature films and countless episodes of TV Series since it was acquired in 2005.

After 11 years of intensive use, Lisa shipped it back to factory for a full revision; the SX-ST is back to work in “like new” condition, ready for the next 10 years!

Lisa recently added the new SONOSAX SX-R4+ recorder to her sound cart.

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