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    SONOSAX and design Since the beginnings of SONOSAX in 1977, I’ve been extremely privileged to work with Ateliers Du Nord in Lausanne. Together with Antoine Cahen, we designed the famous SONOSAX SX-S mixer, whose design and quality earned it an almost instant reputation in the cinema industry, particularly in the USA. Antoine is known to… Read more: SONONEWS DECEMBER 2023
    IBC International Broadcasting Convention 2023 IBC will soon open the door in Amsterdam. Meanwhile our company will not exhibit this year, our new light weight Dual Minislot receiver’s holder with rotary fader extension SONOSAX SX-RX8+ can be seen at Wysicom booth nr 8.C51. The SONOSAX SX-RX8+ is available in stock. Shall you need any further… Read more: SONONEWS SEPTEMBER 2023

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