Special use of our SONOSAX SX-M2D2

Joseph Tarradellas, author of the book “Le son suisse” and editor of the “Matériel de légende” section in the magazine “Vinyle & Audio” says: “for a music lover who is also an audiophile and wants to digitise his magnetic tapes (or cassettes/vinyl, etc.) in the highest quality, the SX-M2D2 combined with free software such as Audacity is the perfect solution.”

Up to 4 audio channels on ALEXA35 using the SONOSAX AEM-1 and SX-M2D2

Specifically designed for the ARRI ALEXA35, the SONOSAX AEM-1 offers a fantastic and compact solution, acclaimed by ALEXA35 users for its sound performance and ergonomics, but limited to 2 channels. Adding our SX-M2D2 is the perfect solution for upgrading to 4 channels.

Using a single cable, the SX-M2D2 is powered by the camera and sends two additional analogue channels to the ALEXA35. As the camera’s analogue input has a slightly lower dynamic range, the SONOSAX SX-M2D2‘s limiter can be engaged to protect the ALEXA35’s analogue inputs from overload.

A new batch of SONOSAX SX-DD2 ready for delivery.

After solving the problem of component shortages, the SONOSAX SX-DD2 converter/preamplifier is again available.

For the HI END MUENCHEN visitors, a  SONOSAX SX-DD2 is on display at the PSI booth (Halle3, R09), our neighbour and friends making the famous PSI studio active speakers, and the AAVA, low frequency active absorber.

The SONOSAX SX-RX8+ available in stock

The SONOSAX SX-RX8+ receiver’s holder with rotary controllers is also compatible with the series 8 of our friendly competitors SOUND DEVICES.

As with our SONOSAX SX-LC8+ control surface, the SX-RX8+ features a MIDI-USB interface for controlling gain and other functions on the 8 Series via an 8-pin Binder to USB cable.

Classical recording

Our customer Paul Sissener recording the Requiem of Mozart at the Cathedral de Lausanne last week with SONOSAX SX-R4+ and SX-AD8+, and 12 microphones.

More at:


SONOSAX and design

Since the beginnings of SONOSAX in 1977, I’ve been extremely privileged to work with Ateliers Du Nord in Lausanne.

Together with Antoine Cahen, we designed the famous SONOSAX SX-S mixer, whose design and quality earned it an almost instant reputation in the cinema industry, particularly in the USA.

Antoine is known to the general public for designing Nespresso machines, Laura Star, his ADN watches, an educational music box, and many other products.

He was awarded the Grand Prix de la Fondation vaudoise pour la culture (FVPC) on 4 November, a well-deserved prize!

See also:

SONOSAX and lead time

After the difficult period with Covid and the shortage of components, the situation has improved considerably and we have finally been able to stabilise our production.
Main products are now in stock or with lead times of approx 1 week to 10 days.
Mixing console and special versions require between 1 and 2 months.


Available since last summer, the SX-RX8+ is not exactly a Superslot or a Unislot, we call it Minislot !

Built with a minimum of mechanical parts to keep it small and light, it weighs around 900gr with 2 receivers and a removable 98Wh smart battery that keeps the whole system running for a good day of work.

The SX-RX8+ can hold 2 receivers feeding the recorder with up to 8 digital channels (AES31). When connected to the SX-R4+ the 8 rotary knobs can be set in either Gain of Fader mode to control the 8 audio tracks on the recorder. Their Push On switches can be freely assigned by the user to recall specific functions.

As on the SX-LC8+ the SX-RX8+ provides with a USB port carrying a MIDI protocol that can control external devices such as the Sound Devices for example.


A new firmware has been released for the SX-DD2, offering the possibility of cutting the main output independently of the headphone output.
This new firmware V1.7 is available for download from our website:


The first feedbacks on the AEM-1 are unanimous in regards to its unprecedented high sound quality. Also much appreciated is its ergonomic design, perfectly matching the camera body without adding much weight and without interfering with the camera operation.
For most ALEXA 35 users, AEM-1 is a game-changer, particularly for small-sized crew or solo operation.

Carnets noirs

Our beloved François Musy sadly passed away on Wednesday 22 November 2023 after a year-long battle with illness.

He was one of our most loyal customers since the very beginning of SONOSAX. He gave us many ideas, comments and advices. His extensive production and post-production skills have also led him to work with many other manufacturers, for whom his experience and advice have been invaluable.

François was a lover of technology and we often spent time together trying out all sorts of audio equipment. As close friends, we also spent vacations together with our families.

On the one hand a very strong personality, on the other incredible modesty and sobriety. Perhaps less so, while on the set, where he led his work and his team with rigour and professionalism.

Whether in production or post-production, he has worked on over 200 films, including those by Jean-Luc Godard, Francis Reusser, Maurice Pialat, Jean-Jacques Annaud, Zep, Xavier Giannoli and so many others.

Nominated 9 times at various festivals, and 6 times winner, including 2 Césars in France (in 2007 for Quand j’étais chanteur and in 2016 for Marguerite).

Over the years, he has trained a large number of assistants and given courses in various schools, passionately sharing his vast experience and knowledge.

François, we will miss you so much!
My sincerest condolences to the whole family

Read also:
And listen:

Chris Price

Chris Price and Jacques Sax, September 24th, 2018 in Peniche

A sound engineer since 1974, then founder of Ambient Recording in Germany, a company manufacturing carbon fiber booms and time code products, he created the company Cinesonics in Portugal in 2006 with his friend Joaquim Pinto.

He was a figure in audio, always in a good mood and ready to joke about anything.
For several years, passionate about oenology, he and his wife had, since 2004, given new life to a wine estate, Cortem, north of Lisbon. This area was his retirement.

I contacted him quite by chance, in September 2018 while I was sailing in Portugal. I was at the Peniche Marina, very close to Chris who was a few dozen kilometers away.

We met at the Marina, and we spent a memorable day together, visiting its region, tasting its wines, some of which won medals, then its wine estate.

That was the last time I saw him, and it is with great sadness that he passed away on November 11th of this year.

All my thoughts are with his loved ones and family.
Jacques Sax and the entire SONOSAX team

Check this out:


IBC International Broadcasting Convention 2023

IBC will soon open the door in Amsterdam. Meanwhile our company will not exhibit this year, our new light weight Dual Minislot receiver’s holder with rotary fader extension SONOSAX SX-RX8+ can be seen at Wysicom booth nr 8.C51.

The SONOSAX SX-RX8+ is available in stock. Shall you need any further information, Jacques Sax will be present at IBC on Friday 15 and Saturday 16 and will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

After a long struggles to source components, we finally found all the parts we needed to manufacture our products. Some are available in stock; others will soon become available again.

In Stock
end of October
end of October


We are very pleased to learn that Tony Johnson was the production sound mixer on AVATAR, The Way of the Water, for which he used his SONOSAX SX-ST, as he did for the first Avatar.
Tony, who received numerous awards and nominations, acquired his SX-ST mixer in 2005 and immediately used it on The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Tony says:

I used my SONOSAX SX-ST for all of my work on many movies since 17 years.
I have resisted going to a control surface as my mixer as I think the SX-ST offers so much more flexibility and being able to route anything anywhere while rolling cameras and not having to go through a menu means real time adjustments on the fly are possible. 
It was the perfect choice for Avatar-Way of Water.

As Tony mentioned, his 17 years old SX-ST mixer was engaged in countless number of major productions, which for us Sonosax is not only a proof of reliability and durability, but also a source of great pride and motivation to continue manufacturing outstanding and long lasting audio equipments.

More about Tony Johnson’s work at:

Visit from Ed Novick

It is always a pleasure to receive our customers.

In October, Mr. Ed Novick, one of our other very good and loyal customers, visited us, bringing one his second SX-ST mixers in for a service.

As his T-shirt proudly states, Ed claims to be SONOSAX’s Longest Continuous Customer! Maybe we should open a contest on that subject.

He started with a SONOSAX SX-S in the early 80’s and now has two SONOSAX SX-ST mixers. An 8 channel one that he bought in 2008 and is still in use. And more recently a 12 channel which he acquired in 2017.

Ed also received several awards, among others an Oscar for Inception in 2011 – and numerous nominations for his work on TV series and feature films as production sound mixer.

Ed is one of those cheerful, friendly, fun people you want to make a long-term friend of.

More about Ed’s work at:

And sometimes we visit our customers

Themis Zafiropoulos, Nikos Dimitrakakos and Jacques Sax

During a trip, Jacques Sax had the pleasure to share a dinner with two of our customers in Athens/Greece:
Nikos Dimitrakakos & Themis Zafiropoulos are both Audio Recording/Remixing Engineers and fans of our products.

Themis says:

” We record acoustic music and we’ve been using Sonosax devices, analog and digital, for a long time. From the venerable SX-S analog mixer in the early 90’s to the R4+ and more recently to several AD8+’s connected over Dante.
Super compact solutions with ultimate sound quality. Thank you Jacques! “

Carnet noir

In the years 1974 to 1977, before the foundation of SONOSAX, I worked with many artists as a sound mixer and sometimes for the lighting as well.

Among them was Michel Buhler who sadly passed away on November 7th 2022. Michel, born in 1945, was a Swiss singer, writer, poet and composer.

I had the chance to make the sound for him, accompanied by Léon Francioli, double bass player (deceased in 2016) and Nono Muller, accordion player (deceased in 2014)…

It was by working with all these musicians that I learned the “sound” that I then became interested in magnifying.

I would like to pay tribute to this trio of musicians with whom I had some incredible moments.

Jacques Sax



By May 31, ARRI proudly announced the release of their new born, the ALEXA 35.
From the very beginning, ARRI decided to offers a high quality two channels microphone preamplifier that would perfectly integrate their housing and still be adaptable with other accessory mounts.

We are proud that ARRI placed their trust and confidence in SONOSAX to develop and manufacture the Audio-Extension-Module AEM-1.

The AEM-1 module was developed in close collaboration with ARRI engineers and it was pretty challenging for SONOSAX to meet all mechanical and technical requirements to adapt to their camera while keeping our legendary sound quality.

Needless to say we are very happy and honoured to sign this collaboration and for being part a development that brings together the top range of the image and the top range of the sound.

The AEM-1 module is an OEM product dedicated to ARRI camera and therefore only available through ARRI dealer network.

SONONEWS November 2021

  • Introduction
  • Trade show
  • SONOSAX SX-Serie+
  • Analog is not dead
  • Filming with the SONOSAX SX-R4+

Dear customer, partner and friend,

Yes, we are experiencing one of the most bizarre period since a year and a half now, to the point that I forgot the SONONEWS this last summer!

Like many other manufacturers of electronic devices, we are also very busy sourcing components, redoing price calculations, trying to get correct shipping prices, etc.

It is not the funniest activity, and moreover, it forced us to postpone for 6 months the end of the development of our SX-RX8 + … We do not give a deadline for deliveries, which depends on certain suppliers who do not give us any guarantee.

We will publish in the next few days the new price list with, unfortunately, increases …

Trade shows

We will be exhibiting at the IBC in Amsterdam, December 3-6, 2021, hoping that many of you will visit us.

SONOSAX SX + serie

Our SONOSAX SX-R4+ and SX-AD8+ are now available with the DANTE / AES67 card. The addition of the card in the SX-R4+ must imperatively be done at SONOSAX. The addition of the card in the SX-AD8+ can be done at some of our agents or at SONOSAX.

The corresponding software for the SX-R4+ is: V4.0BETA if the SX-R4+ is equipped with the DANTE / AES card, and V3.75 for the SX-R4+ without the DANTE card.

The SX-AD8+ software is compatible with the DANTE / AES card.

Our SONOSAX SX-RX8+ will be compatible, in addition to the brands outlined in our SONONEWS this spring, also with the new SHURE ADX5D receiver.

Our SONOSAX SX-LC8+ has been out of stock for 2 months, victim of its success, in particular thanks to the compatibility with SOUND DEVICES in USB mode. We will start new deliveries at the end of November and in order of orders received.

Analog is not dead

This year we delivered several SONOSAX SX-ES to folley recording studios. This superb little analog console, with optional digital output, is becoming the standard for this application all over the world.


Here above is an installation with our SONOSAX SX-DD2, several parts of which were delivered this year, mainly for use in stereo systems, shown here with a pair of SONOSAX SX-ADN2A speakers. Note that this device is produced in limited quantities, once again, due to the problems of acquiring key components. It will probably become a “collector”!


The film “Klammer, Chasing the Line” tells the story of skier Franz Klammer at the 1976 Olympic Games, the preparation and the pressure before the race. He was only a little faster than his main competitor, Swiss skier Bernhard Russi.

Half of the film took place on the original 1976 ski slope in Tyrol, Austria. The other half was shot in a studio in Vienna.

My first idea was to build two setups, small and light equipment for all mountain scenes, where it had the sparkle of documentary filming. And a larger sound card setup for studio situations.

But shortly after having the Sonosax SX-R4 + in my hands, I decided to do the whole movie with this little powerhouse.

Its flexible design made it perfect for this movie. It’s small, lightweight, low power consumption, so there’s no need to carry a lot of batteries with you.

A big plus was the LC8 + and its small and light design. This gave me the perfect opportunity to have an 8 fader linear expansion on the mountain. For the studio setup, I just connected a second LC8 + to have an extension of not 8, but 16 channels.

The simple and clean design of the SX-R4 + makes it very easy to control even when wearing gloves.

And one thing I like the most is that there is no USB connector on the device. Each connection is made with a solid connector.

Entering the metadata of this machine is very simple and does not require the use of an external keyboard.

-Herbert Verdino, Filmzeug, Wien Austria-

SONONEWS Novembre 2021

  • Introduction
  • Trade show
  • SONOSAX SX-Serie+
  • Analog is not dead
  • En tournage avec le SONOSAX SX-R4+

Cher client-e, partenaire et ami-e,

Oui, nous vivons une période des plus bizarre depuis maintenant 1 an et demi, au point que j’en ai oublié de faire le SONONEWS cet été!

Comme beaucoup d’autres fabricants d’appareils électronique, nous sommes aussi très occupés à rechercher des composants, refaire des calculs de prix, essayer d’obtenir des prix de transports corrects, etc…

Ce n’est pas le plus fun comme activité, et de plus, cela nous a contraint de reporter de 6 mois la fin du développement de notre SX-RX8+… Nous ne donnons pas de délai pour les livraisons, qui dépend de certains fournisseurs qui eux, ne nous donne aucune garantie.

Nous allons publier dans les prochains jours la nouvelle liste de prix avec, malheureusement, des augmentations…

Trade shows

Nous allons exposer à l’IBC à Amsterdam, du 3 au 6 décembre 2021, en espérant que vous serez nombreux à nous rendre visite.

SONOSAX SX+ serie:

Désormais, notre SONOSAX SX-R4+ et SX-AD8+ sont livrables avec la carte DANTE / AES67. L’ajout de la carte dans le SX-R4+ doit impérativement faites chez SONOSAX. L’ajout de la carte dans le SX-AD8+ peut-être faites chez certains de nos agents ou chez SONOSAX.

Le software correspondant pour le SX-R4+ est: V4.0BETA si le SX-R4+ est équipé avec la carte DANTE / AES, et V3.75 pour le SX-R4+ sans la carte DANTE.

Le software du SX-AD8+ est compatible avec la carte DANTE / AES.

Notre SONOSAX SX-RX8+ sera compatible, en plus des marques énoncées dans notre SONONEWS de ce printemps, également avec le nouveau récepteur SHURE ADX5D.

Notre SONOSAX SX-LC8+ est en rupture de stock depuis 2 mois, victime de son succès, notamment grâce à la compatibilité avec SOUND DEVICES en mode USB. Nous ferons de nouvelles livraisons dès fin novembre et dans l’ordre des commandes reçues.

Analog is not dead

Nous avons livré cet année plusieurs SONOSAX SX-ES pour des studios de bruitage. Cette superbe petite console analogique, avec sortie digitale en option devient partout dans le monde, le standard pour cette application.


Voici une installation chez un de nos clients dotée de notre SONOSAX SX-DD2 dont plusieurs pièces ont été livrées cette année, principalement pour usage dans des chaînes stéréo avec, comme par exemple ici, notre paire d’enceinte SONOSAX SX-ADN2A .

A noter que cet appareil est produit en quantité limitée, encore une fois, suite aux problèmes d’acquisition de composants clés. Il deviendra probablement un “collector”!


Le film “Klammer, Chasing the Line” raconte l’histoire du skieur Franz Klammer aux Jeux Olympiques de 1976, la préparation et la pression avant la course. Il n’était qu’un tout petit peu plus rapide que son principal concurrent, le skieur suisse Bernhard Russi.
La moitié du film a eu lieu sur la piste de ski originale de 1976 au Tyrol en Autriche. L’autre moitié a été tournée dans un studio à Vienne.

Ma première idée était de construire deux configurations, un équipement petit et léger pour toutes les scènes de montagne, où il avait l’éclat du tournage de documentaires. Et une plus grande configuration de carte son pour les situations de studio.

Mais peu de temps après avoir eu le Sonosax SX-R4+ dans mes mains, j’ai décidé de faire tout le film avec cette petite centrale.
Sa conception flexible l’a rendu parfait pour ce film. Il est petit, léger, consomme peu d’énergie, il n’est donc pas nécessaire de transporter beaucoup de piles avec vous.
Un gros avantage était le LC8+ et son design petit et léger. Cela m’a donné l’opportunité parfaite d’avoir une extension de 8 fader linéaire sur la montagne. Pour la configuration du studio, je viens de connecter un deuxième LC8+ pour avoir une extension de non 8, mais 16 canaux.
La conception simple et épurée du SX-R4+ le rend très facile à contrôler même lorsque vous portez des gants.
Et une chose que j’aime le plus, c’est qu’il n’y a pas de connecteur USB sur l’appareil. Chaque connexion est faite avec un connecteur solide.
La saisie des métadonnées de cette machine est très simple ne nécessite pas l’utilisation d’un clavier externe.

-Herbert Verdino, Filmzeug, Wien Austria-


SOUND SUMMIT, édition printemps 2021

Le SOUND SUMMIT, édition printemps 2021 s’est déroulé le jeudi 22 avril 2021:

  • Nouvelle version du SONOSAX SX-M2D2
  • Le 100% analogue avec la SONOSAX SX-VT
  • Notre nouveau SONOSAX SX-RX8+
  • SONOSAX SX-DD2, des nouvelles

Vous pouvez le revoir sur:


Dès le numéro de série 00300 (les anciens no sont de 00000 à 00299), le SX-M2D2 permet l’alimentation des microphones electret 5V. Une procédure permet de configurer l’appareil pour travailler en 48V ou en 5V.
Cette nouvelle possibilité n’est pas modifiable sur la série précédente.

Cette procédure est volontairement un peu longue, pour minimiser le risque de connecter des micros electret en 48V, ce qui leur serait fatal!

Nous avons un grand succès avec cet appareil compact, dans des applications très diverses, couplées à des caméra, prise de son classique de très haute qualité avec Smartphone, téléconférence, etc.


L’analogue n’est pas mort! Nous produisons actuellement plusieurs tables de mixage 100% analogue pour prises de son de musique classique.

Nous avons développé pour ces tables de mixage une nouvelle alimentation sans ventilateur, disponible simple ou double, à redondance. Cette alimentation peut-être utilisée avec les autres SONOSAX SX-VT qui sont déjà en utilisation.


Nous avons le plaisir de vous montrer la version définitive de cet accessoire très attendu. Ce n’est pas exactement un Superslot ni un Unislot, disons un Minislot? Il est plus petit, plus léger, et ne contient qu’un minimum de pièces mécaniques.

Il ne dispose pas de splitter d’antenne et ne permet pas le contrôle des récepteurs par bus série.

Il peut recevoir les récepteurs suivants, selon la plaque et le jeu de câbles à commander séparément:

– Wisycom MCR42 avec l’adaptateur BPA42-IKSS

– Wisycom MCR54, avec l’adaptateur SLK54-IK

– Lectrosonics SRc avec l’adaptateur SRSUPER et  SR-AES3

– Audio Limited A10-RX avec ou sans l’adaptateur A-FLIP

– SENNHEISER EK6042 avec adaptateur D-Sub-25

– SONY DWR-S03D avec adaptateur SUB-D 25

Il comprend un micro d’ordre et un logement pour une batterie de 98Wh qui peut alimenter les récepteurs, le SX-RX8+ et également un enregistreur, par exemple SX-R4+.

Dans cette configuration permettant jusqu’à 8 canaux sans fils, 4 micros et 2 entrées lignes, le poids total est de moins de 3kg, batteries dans le SX-R4+ et SX-RX8+, soit 150Wh, assez pour une longue journée de travail.

Les 8 encodeurs / poussoirs peuvent-être assignés comme sur le SX-LC8+ ou SX-RC8+.

Comme le SX-LC8+, le SX-RX8+ est compatible, par raccordement en USB, avec d’autres marques, dont SoundDevices.

Les livraisons commencerons cet été.



Notre action de lancement a bien fonctionné, et nous allons livrer les premières unités dans les 3 à 4 semaines à venir.

Nous n’avions pas encore de description, et de nombreuses personnes intéressées nous ont demandé le manuel d’utilisation. Celui-ci n’étant disponible que dès maintenant, nous prolongeons cette action jusqu’à fin mai 2021


SOUND SUMMIT, Spring 2021 edition

The SOUND SUMMIT, spring 2021 edition took place on Thursday, April 22, 2021:

  • New version of the SONOSAX SX-M2D2
  • 100% analog with the SONOSAX SX-VT
  • Our new SONOSAX SX-RX8+
  • SONOSAX SX-DD2, news

You can see it again on:


From serial number 00300 (the old numbers are from 00000 to 00299), the SX-M2D2 provides power for 5V electret microphones. A procedure allows you to configure the device to work at 48V or 5V.
This new possibility cannot be modified on the previous series.

This procedure is made a little tedious on purpose , to minimize the risk of connecting electret microphones with 48V, which would be fatal to them!

We have a great success with this compact device, in very diverse directions, coupled with cameras, classical music recording of very high quality with Smartphone, teleconference, etc.


Analog is not dead! We recently got few orders for our analog sound mixer, mainly for classical music recording.

We have developed a new fan-less power supply, available single or double (with redundancy). This power supply can be retrofited to previous SONOSAX SX-VT that are already in use.


We are pleased to show you the final version of this long awaited accessory. It is not exactly a Superslot nor a Unislot, let’s say a Minislot! For reasons of weight and size, it is smaller, lighter, and includes minimal mechanical parts.

It does not have an antenna splitter and does not allow the control of receivers by serial bus.

It can hold the following receivers, depending on the mounting plate and the cable set to be ordered separately:

– Wisycom MCR42 with BPA42-IKSS adapter

– Wisycom MCR54, with SLK54-IK adapter

– Lectrosonics SRc with SRSUPER and SR-AES3 adapter

– Audio Limited A10-RX with or without the A-FLIP adapter

– SENNHEISER EK6042 with D-Sub-25 adapter

– SONY DWR-S03D with D-Sub-25 adapter

The slate microphone can also be assigned, or output on a separate connector.

It includes a slot for a 98Wh battery that can power the receivers, the SX-RX8+ and also a recorder, such as the SX-R4+.

In this configuration allowing up to 8 wireless channels, 4 microphones and 2 line inputs, the total weight is less than 3kg, batteries in the SX-R4+ and SX-RX8+, or 150Wh, enough for a long working day.

The 8 encoders / push buttons can be assigned as on the SX-LC8+ or SX-RC8+ .

Like the SX-LC8+, the SX-RX8+ is compatible, by USB connection, with other brands, including SoundDevices.

Delivery will start this summer.


Our launching action has worked well, and we will deliver the first units in the next 3 to 4 weeks.

We did not have a description yet, and many interested people asked us for the user manual. This one being available only now, we extend this action until the end of May 2021.


President’s Note

Dear customers, dear partners and dear friends,

Let’s forget about this year!

Let’s talk about sounds and the future!

I would like to thank you all for your loyalty, your comments which keep us progressing constantly. I also thank the entire SONOSAX team for the remarkable work accomplished during this eventful year.

Happy New Year,

Jacques Sax


We are pleased to announce the start of deliveries for the coming spring.

This device that we had already spoke about in previous SONONEWS is the result of our many years of research in the professional field, applied to home use.
This converter pre-amplifier has the particularity of working in 2 fields, either analog or digital.
When an analog source is connected, the signal remains analog until the analog output. In parallel, this signal is also digitized, and is available on all digital outputs, namely AES, Spdif, Optical and USB.

This last output allows connection to a computer. This allows, among other things, to digitize your vinyls with high definition.
During our tests of this device, we measured frequencies up to 40kHz, which requires sampling of at least 96kHz to record all the harmonics of a vinyl.

It is optionally available with 19-inch adapters and an eRED-MOD (UpnP / DLNA) module for networking.

The price of this device is set excluding VAT at CHF 6,300. We are pleased to offer this device, which will be made in limited quantities, at the special subscription price of CHF 3,900.- HT, transport included throughout the planet.

To benefit from this price, we ask you for a deposit of CHF 300.- for the reservation. These conditions are valid until the end of March 2021. Contact us on:

Status of old products

There is no longer any service on the SONOSAX SX-PR, SX-M2, SX-T, STELLADAT, JM-3A and FD-A100.
For the MINIR and SX-R4, maintenance is ensured but we recommend replacing the hard drive with an SSD.
The service on the SONOSAX SX-S, the mixer which launched SONOSAX and which was produced from 1982 to 1998, is now coming to an end. Some essential spare parts are no longer available at all, notably the faders and gain knobs. Allow us to draw your attention to the few new modules on our clearance list and to the caution to be taken with any purchase of one of these mixers on the second-hand market. Make sure that it is in perfect condition because we will not necessarily be able to ensure, on our side, any repairs.

Current products

The SONOSAX SX-ES and SX-ST series mixers are still in production.

Warning: the AD module for the ES is available, but it is temporarily unavailable for the SX-ST and the RECORDER module is no longer available at all.
The SONOSAX SX-R4 + series is constantly evolving. In addition to users in film and documentary, we have more and more clients in classical music, jazz and others.

Our little SONOSAX SX-M2D2 is very successful, with multiple applications. It has truly become the Swiss army knife of sound and is widely used for making ambient sounds, sound cards for digitizing analog sources, and even for web conferencing.

Coming products

The SX-RX8+, mini SUPERSLOT will soon complete the SX-R4 + series. We hope to be able to release it sometime next summer.


The DANTE option is available for the SONOSAX SX-AD8 +, i.e. 8 DANTE outputs, as well as for the SONOSAX SX-R4 +. This option allows the use of 16 channels in total, for example 8 inputs 8 outputs, or 12 inputs 4 outputs, etc. Check from time to time for information and updates on our site.


Their long lifespan is one of the characteristics of SONOSAX devices and we need more and more time devoted to maintenance. To limit it and reduce costs, we ask you to give us, imperatively, the following informations during any request : the serial number, the date of acquisition and the software version of the device.
Warning : Our recorders have a lithium battery to maintain the Time Code. For maintenance reasons, be sure to change it every 5 years.


Take the time to consult our new “media” tab from time to time. It will be fueled, among other things, by user experiences.

Archiving sound with the SONOSAX SX-M2D2

” Working since 2014 in close collaboration with Professor Jean Malaurie (anthropogeographer specializing in the Arctic), I have been led to inventory and digitize his sound recordings, the fruit of a 70-year career in the Far North. More than 200 audio media (cassettes, mini-cassettes and magnetic tapes) were carefully stored at his home, waiting to be indexed, but also and above all to be saved. Since these media have a limited lifespan, care should be taken to ensure that they are kept and made available for publishing and scientific research. Following the establishment of a joint project between the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco and the University of Versailles, this year I undertook the digitization and classification of unpublished medias, work and conference recordings, produced for example in Greenland, Canada, France and the far north of Siberia.

To do this work, I used a device that I normally dedicate to field recordings for my research during expeditions and missions in island Patagonia: the SX-M2D2. Connected in mini-XLR to the analog audio output of the Denon DRW-580 cassette player (loaned by one of my affiliated laboratories: Lutherie Acoustique Musique (LAM) of the Jean Le Rond d’Alembert Institute, Sorbonne University) , I was able to recover the sound data on my computer, thanks to the USB output of the SX-M2D2.

There is no doubt that the future availability of these recordings will be an important contribution for a good number of enthusiasts and researchers, but also for the descendants of the Inuit informants of Jean Malaurie, some having for example accompanied him in 1951 until north geomagnetic pole, an expedition that they were five to carry out, by dog ​​sled. ”

Lauriane Lemasson is a doctoral researcher in acoustics, ethnomusicology and geography at Sorbonne University (Paris). His studies focus on the relations between indigenous peoples and their territories in the extreme south of Patagonia. She has published, among other things, a first acoustic study of a Selk’nam ritual site named Hain, demonstrating the sonic specificities necessary for the choice of place.


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