4CH OUT on XLR-5M option card

Multiple output board on XLR5-M for SX-R4+.

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An optional module offering up to 4 additional output channels on an XLR-5M.

Using the SX-R4+, this module can be freely configured by the user for output either as:

  • Two symmetrical analog channels (2 mono or 1 stereo)
  • Four asymmetrical analog channels
  • Four digital channels on 2 AES outputs

Asymmetrical analog and digital AES channels combination is possible (2+2).


  1. Ground (GND)
  2. Channel 1 HI (balanced), channel 1 (unbalanced), AES1-2 HI
  3. Channel 1 LO (balanced), channel 2 (unbalanced), AES1-2 LO
  4. Channel 2 HI (balanced), channel 3 (unbalanced), AES3-4 HI
  5. Channel 2 LO (balanced), channel 4 (unbalanced), AES3-4 LO

Sampling rate up to 192kHz

Analog outputs:

  • Output voltage: +/- 4.2VRMS (balanced), 4.2VRMS (unbalanced)
  • Signal to Noise ratio: 114 dB balanced, 110 dB unbalanced (A-weighted)

AES outputs:

  • 24-bit bit depth
  • AES3 transformer balanced outputs