Modular 12 to 48 channels mixer



Each SX-T input is equipped with an absolutely noiseless mute switch which may be controlled through a computer, video editor, or another external system. As an option, a VCA (voltage controlled amplifier) and a compressor may be installed on each input thus allowing, in addition to mute switching, individual level control for each input. The compressor is of a very particular type and does not have the “pumping” effect so often found with this kind of circuit. The user is therefore assured at all times, particularly when working with digital systems, that there will be no saturation that will bring catastrophic effects.

Due to its versatility, the SONOSAX SX-T is the ideal choice for numerous applications, such as:

• fixed and mobile recording studio and broadcast
• video, television and cinema production and post production
• digital or analog sound recording, in 2 or multi-track
• very high quality sound systems for concert halls, theaters, etc.

Each SONOSAX SX-T mixing console is composed of standard modules combined and assembled according to the needs and desires of the user. In this way, it is adapted as closely as possible to the required specifications and, at the same time, remains expandable.

Standard modules may be slightly modified and it is recommended that each user specify as clearly as possible what the applications is so as to enable SONOSAX to respond precisely to individual requirements.

As with all other SONOSAX products, the SX-T is built without any compromise on quality, using only the best components available. Each stage of its circuits has been extensively studied to give the highest quality performance.

The result of the research and development is an ergonomic mixer with extraordinary characteristics. In addition, since the SONOSAX SX-T already offers all the essential elements for working with sound within its very compact volume, it is no longer necessary to annex other “small boxes” or accessories which are not only expensive but also bulky, nor to add more cables which take up space and sometimes create confusion due to the number of wires connecting all the equipment.

The SONOSAX SX-T has been created taking into consideration the possibility of working with digital sound recording, as well as synchronization and automation with other existing or future equipment.