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The result of a collaboration between Philippe Cahen, Antoine Cahen (ADN Design, Switzerland) and Jacques Sax.

Thanks to 25 years of experience, Sonosax was able to develop and build this mixer, which was designed to have a minimum life-span of 10 years, despite an intensive use under the worst conditions. It can be used under the rain and is resistant to water splashes. It also corresponds to the IP45 standard.

The case is in anodized aluminum, the potentiometers are watertight IP45, the “reed” type switches are watertight and airtight. All capacitors are of professional type, with lo indipendence and a long life-span.

After having presented the SX42 and discussed with some of our clients, we also decided to add M/S possibilities, not only on the monitoring but also on the main outputs. As a result, the inputs 1 (M) and 2 (S), and respectively 3 (M) and 4 (S) will include a switchable M/S matrix. So that, if faders are linked, the stereo width will be fixed, and if they’re not, the stereo width can be adjusted by using the faders independently.

To fulfill some of our customers’ requests, we have also decided to offer the possibility to add an equalizer on one or two channels. This option is accessible at the bottom of the SX42 and includes:

  • Lo frequency equalizer: 4dB/oct, ±12dB at 80Hz, ±15dB at 40 Hz
  • Hi frequency equalizer: 4dB/oct, ±12dB at 8kHz, ±15dB at 16kHz
  • Mid sweep equalizer: 6dB/oct, ±11dB, 200Hz to 8kHz

This option limits the inside space and then the possibility to include other accessories like a transmiter or a receiver. Check carefully with Sonosax what kind of options you want to include.

Modulation indicators : 2 indicators with mobile coil, large range of -32dB to +12dB, selectable inside in mode VU or Peak, compensated in temperature and closed at the front by tempered glasses.

Internal power supply : 4 alkaline batteries 1,5V size D, NiCd 1,2V-4Ah, or NiMH 1,2V-7Ah accumulator
Autonomy : 10 to 15 hours
Dimensions: 260 x 160 x 50 mm / 10,2″ x 6,2″ x 1,9″
Weight: 2100 grams (4,6 lbs) with batteries

Temperature using range: -40°F (-40°C) to 140° F (60° C)

Internal accessories : possibility to include 1 transmitter and/or 1 HF receiver (depending on the size). In this case, the audio connections are done inside.
The receiver connector(s) are designed to be on the “user panel” on the right side of the unit.
A high quality A/D converter of 24 bits 48 kHz/96kHz is available.
For the internal accessories, a separate power supply is also foreseen and switching on the unit starts simultaneously the internal accessories.

SX42 user manual EN
SX42 user manual FR