SOUND SUMMIT, Spring 2021 edition

The SOUND SUMMIT, spring 2021 edition took place on Thursday, April 22, 2021:

  • New version of the SONOSAX SX-M2D2
  • 100% analog with the SONOSAX SX-VT
  • Our new SONOSAX SX-RX8+
  • SONOSAX SX-DD2, news

You can see it again on:


From serial number 00300 (the old numbers are from 00000 to 00299), the SX-M2D2 provides power for 5V electret microphones. A procedure allows you to configure the device to work at 48V or 5V.
This new possibility cannot be modified on the previous series.

This procedure is made a little tedious on purpose , to minimize the risk of connecting electret microphones with 48V, which would be fatal to them!

We have a great success with this compact device, in very diverse directions, coupled with cameras, classical music recording of very high quality with Smartphone, teleconference, etc.


Analog is not dead! We recently got few orders for our analog sound mixer, mainly for classical music recording.

We have developed a new fan-less power supply, available single or double (with redundancy). This power supply can be retrofited to previous SONOSAX SX-VT that are already in use.


We are pleased to show you the final version of this long awaited accessory. It is not exactly a Superslot nor a Unislot, let’s say a Minislot! For reasons of weight and size, it is smaller, lighter, and includes minimal mechanical parts.

It does not have an antenna splitter and does not allow the control of receivers by serial bus.

It can hold the following receivers, depending on the mounting plate and the cable set to be ordered separately:

– Wisycom MCR42 with BPA42-IKSS adapter

– Wisycom MCR54, with SLK54-IK adapter

– Lectrosonics SRc with SRSUPER and SR-AES3 adapter

– Audio Limited A10-RX with or without the A-FLIP adapter

– SENNHEISER EK6042 with D-Sub-25 adapter

– SONY DWR-S03D with D-Sub-25 adapter

The slate microphone can also be assigned, or output on a separate connector.

It includes a slot for a 98Wh battery that can power the receivers, the SX-RX8+ and also a recorder, such as the SX-R4+.

In this configuration allowing up to 8 wireless channels, 4 microphones and 2 line inputs, the total weight is less than 3kg, batteries in the SX-R4+ and SX-RX8+, or 150Wh, enough for a long working day.

The 8 encoders / push buttons can be assigned as on the SX-LC8+ or SX-RC8+ .

Like the SX-LC8+, the SX-RX8+ is compatible, by USB connection, with other brands, including SoundDevices.

Delivery will start this summer.


Our launching action has worked well, and we will deliver the first units in the next 3 to 4 weeks.

We did not have a description yet, and many interested people asked us for the user manual. This one being available only now, we extend this action until the end of May 2021.