President’s Note I want to say here that I stand in solidarity with Ukraine, but also with the Russian people. It is the government of Russia that is waging this war that I strongly condemn. Why engage in such atrocities? In my opinion, it is unjustifiable. At a time when most of the world is concerned about pollution and ecology, this war, which devastates lives and cities, is totally senseless. Having had the chance to work with Ukraine and Russia, I am very saddened by this tearing apart that has nothing to do with these two peoples.

Jacques Sax  

This newcomer would be almost ready if there were not a few components that are not available at the moment. We will not be able to announce an exact delivery time until we have ALL the components. We thank you for your understanding and patience.

We have collaborated with MERGING on the mechanical design of their excellent ANUBIS product. We now go further and announce that our SONOSAX SX-AD8+ is compatible with the ANUBIS thanks to the RAVENNA/DANTE link in AES67 mode. This link is unfortunately limited to 48kHz because of a restriction in the software of the Dante card in AES67 mode. As both devices allow it, we do not despair of supporting 96kHz or even 192kHz in the future. It is always a pleasure for us to collaborate with other manufacturers (in the past Beyer Dynamic, Weiss Audio and more recently Sound Devices and even a small one with PSI). You can also read the Merging newsletter:

Our congratulations and thanks to Mr. Joseph Tarradellas for his book which traces the history of the Swiss audio industry. This book is unfortunately only available in French for the moment.
We will not be exhibiting at ISE Barcelona. This does not prevent us from having slipped some of our products into the suitcases of other manufacturers. You will have the chance to find the following products on the booths of our colleagues: The SONOSAX SX-R4+ and the SX-RX8+ at Wisycom The SONOSAX SX-AD8+ at Merging, The SONOSAX SX-DD2 at PSI. The ideal complement with a pair of PSI A25 for your living room, and if you do not have enough space, a pair of ADN-2A.