SONONEWS December 2019

After exhibiting at IBC and AES in New York this fall, the Sonosax team moved to its winter quarters in Switzerland. There is no shortage of work: following an inversion of components, the SX-M2D2s in the first series are fragile. For safety, the entire first batch delivered was recalled to the factory and modified by us. Of course, the new devices do not have the defect and there are therefore no more defective devices in circulation today.

The SX-M2D2 is a huge success. We have devices in the United States, Israel, South Africa, Canada, Japan and of course all over Europe. And from all over the world, users are sending us enthusiastic feedback and new ideas for use. It’s true: the “Swiss army knife of sound” offers many original possibilities: as a portable preamplifier, USB sound card, mini mixer, monitoring amplifier… the possibilities are endless. And how do you use your SX-M2D2 ? Share your ideas, send your photos to . We will publish the most extravagant ones on the website and on social networks.

At the IBC, in September, we announced that the SX-AD8+ preamp converter would receive its Dante module for Christmas and… we keep our word! The card is in production, and we will deliver the first orders in January. The Dante hardware module of the SX-R4+ is identical to that of the SX-AD8+, but the firmware of our recorder will have to be modified to ensure the routing of the Dante flows that enter and leave the machine. This will take a few weeks and here again we will meet the deadlines announced at the end of March 2020.

Overall, 2019 was a good year for new products: 

The SX-LC8+ control surface has been finalized and delivered to many customers, delighted to have faders to control the gains and levels of their SX-R4+

The SX-M2D2 is available and is a great success

The SX-AD8+ preamplifier/converter is now available with a choice of interfaces: Dante, AVB or quad AES, for direct connection to the SX-R4+ recorder

 We will not stop there and you will see that 2020 will also be a great vintage. We prepare beautiful surprises and always innovative products.

Two sad news to conclude: Christophe Giovannoni passed away at the end of September. For 25 years, he had been sounding the films of many Swiss and European directors. His sensitivity, his sharp ear, his generosity made him a great audio man. Christophe leaves a big void and the entire Sonosax team joins in the pain of his family and loved ones.

At the beginning of November, we learned of the sudden death of Suzanne Sax at the age of 94. The mother of Jacques Sax, the founder of Sonosax, has always kindly followed the development of our company. At the time the company was founded, it was Mrs. Sax who signed the lease on Sonosax’s very first premises, the owner, then under twenty years old, being too young to do so.

A very contrasting end of the year for the Sonosax team, which looks forward to seeing you in January 2020 for the next edition of Sononews and wishes you all the best for the New Year.