For Sonosax, the year started off on a high note. The SX-M2D2, our ultra-portable sound card preamp, has been a huge success and we continue to deliver worldwide. This does not prevent our team from building a new batch of SX-R4+, our flagship, because demand for this device remains very high!

2020: The “Olympic Bug” We encountered a problem with the date display on the SX-R4+. This problem prevented the unit from being turned off. Users should download and install version 3.7 of the FW without delay. Here is the link to download this new version from our website.

The Dante module for our 8-channel preamplifier-converter SX-AD8+ has been released on time. You can order it with a new SX-AD8+ or as an add-on card to an existing SX-AD8+

We did some tests at our friends at RTS-Radio Télévision Suisse (thanks to them for their welcome) on a Yamaha QL1 console and our preamp was immediately recognized as providing 8 audio sources in the Dante Controller matrix. Imagine the possibilities of this very small stagebox of 8 very high quality inputs, for musical sound recording, on movie sets, anywhere multiple channels are needed with a simple Ethernet network cable, since even the power is transmitted via PoE.

In a few weeks we will supply the Dante card for the SX-R4 recorder. The card exists, it is the same as for the SX-AD8+, but the software of the SX-R4+ needs to be adapted.

Salon de la Radio – Paris : Sonosax was present at the Salon de la Radio in Paris from February 23rd to 25th, on the stand of our distributor, Areitec.

Professionals of the industry were very interested in the possibilities of our SX-M2D2, coupled with a smartphone, for the realization of reports or interviews. The SX-M2D2 accepts two analog microphones and allows monitoring with headphones during recording. When recording is finished, the journalist can edit the audio on his or her phone and send the ready-to-broadcast file by email or ftp to the newsroom.

“Live transmission” with SX-M2D2 At the Salon de la Radio, we also demonstrated how the SX-M2D2 works live, using virtual codec applications such as “Report-IT” from the Australian manufacturer Tieline. Coupled with the smartphone, the SX-M2D2 becomes a complete codec, allowing the transmission of an audio stream over IP. Our device allows the monitoring of two microphones, but also of the studio feedback which allows the setting up of full duplex links with a minimum of effort.

The SX-M2D2, the “Swiss Army Knife of Sound”, is an incredible success! We have expanded our range of accessories to make the user’s work easier: Cables to connect the TA3M connectors that equip the SX-M2D2 to the classic 3-pin XLR plugs.

Battery charger for SX-M2D2 The battery charger that you can find on our website here: allows you to multiply by three the autonomous operating time of your SX-M2D2. Moreover, it will recharge your batteries with a simple smartphone charger. Delivered with 2 batteries.  Due to transport limitations, the charger and its two batteries will only be delivered together.

A “must have” for anyone working far from a power source, on the move, in contact with nature… wherever there is live sound to be picked up!