SONONEWS September 2019

The days are getting shorter, the forests more colourful, no doubt about it: autumn is coming back and with it the transhumance of the people of image and sound to Amsterdam for the big mass at the IBC. Sonosax will of course be there with a full basket of surprises and novelties.

The Dante option: announced, postponed, long awaited, it arrives this time for good. Our card now operates according to the criteria we had defined, particularly in terms of consumption. Powered by PoE, it is the least energy consuming on the market and will therefore not shorten the autonomy of your batteries too much. You will be able to connect the multi-channel interface to your SX-AD8+ before the end of the year. The SX-R4+ will have to wait until early 2020 to click its RJ45.

As soon as the first images of the prototype were published, the SX-M2D2 aroused interest and desire. Pre-amp, USB sound card, mixer, headphone amp and AD/DA converter all in one, the little gifted one now works perfectly. Barely larger than a pack of cigarettes, it will fit in any pocket or bag. Coupled with a smartphone or DSLR, it will offer additional analog channels, AES 3 or AES 42, a switching grid, mixing functions and many other possibilities that make it the Swiss Army knife (of course) of pro audio.

On a completely different note, the SX-DD2 is a universal, mains powered, studio-quality preamplifier. Capable of processing virtually any audio signal, digital or analog, even the output of a turntable, this device will find its place in mastering studios, editing booths, duplication and archiving centers, in other words anywhere where a wide variety of sources must be listened to and controlled. Coupled with a pair of Sonosax SX-ADN2 speakers, the SX-DD2 is certainly a highly flexible and effective monitoring solution. It even whispers that some sound engineers have adopted it as a high-end preamp for their private listening at home in the evening.

IBC: a great offer!
To celebrate fall and IBC, Sonosax is offering a 15% discount on any SX-M2D2 (available for CHF 1190.00) or SX-DD2 (CHF 2990.00) order placed before September 30, 2019. It’s worth it!

New kid on the block
Sonosax is pleased to welcome a new recruit: Fabrice Junod joined the team on September 1 as marketing manager. Fabrice has a long experience in the field of pro audio and will be committed to developing our brand to meet the challenges of the future while remaining true to what has been Sonosax’s DNA for over 40 years: creating extraordinary instruments to enable exceptional users to capture incredible sounds. Welcome to him, he looks forward to welcoming you to our IBC booth!