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Two ways active loudspeaker

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The pleasure of high quality sound in the comfort of your home

Result of a demanding and uncompromising process, this active 2-way loudspeaker is the outcome of a close collaboration between Antoine Cahen, industrial designer with an international reputation, and Jacques Sax founder of SONOSAX.

Initially developed for the consumer market, the sound quality of the ADN-2A speaker also makes it a high precision near-field monitoring for professional use in music or broadcasting studios, control room, OB van, etc.

The shapes of its compact enclosure (25 x 25 x 25 cm) has been developed so that it can be placed at two different angles and thus easily adapt to the layout of your home or your studio. Regardless of its placement the ADN-2A will restitute a perfect stereo image. The housing is made in melamine, a very dense and heavy material having excellent acoustic characteristics. Amplified by two power stages – 80 Watts for the bass and 40 Watts for the trebles – the loudspeaker provides a wide frequency response with an impressive dynamic range.

The active filters and the amplifiers were specially designed to match with the transducers and the volume of the enclosure at the highest precision. As an active speaker it can be connected to any conventional audio source, but also to smart phones, tablets or computers.

This product includes a 4m power cord (EU/CH/US).

ADN-2A infosheet
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