6 analog / 8 digital inputs compact light-weighted hard disk audio recorder



8 recording tracks on hard disk and either 2 recording tracks or Mirroring on CF Card. The ideal companion for on location multi-track recording, documentaries, classical music. Perfect Gain control and advanced linking capabilities.

Recording capabilities: 44,1 up to 192kHz @ 24bits and 16 bits (dithering)
File format: *.WAV  with BWF chunk and iXML metadata
File structure: Mono – Stereo – Polyphonic

8 Recording tracks on the HD, 2 Recording tracks or mirroring on the CF Card.
Comprehensive Cross-matrix system for easy routing and mixing
User configurable Monitoring

Small and robust construction
Friendly user interface, comprehensive and intuitive menu structure
Battery or external DC operated


  • 4x electronically balanced Mic/Line Input with RF Filter, XLR connectors
  • Low noise, large bandwidth  semi-discreet microphone preamplifier
  • 48V Phantom for Mic powering
  • Pre LF Cut for rough wind conditions, PAD, Phase reversal
  • High quality Limiter on each input, Led level indicators
  • Channel linking ( on gain ) : 1 to 2 or 4 / 2 to 3 or 4 / 3 to 4
    ideal for one or two stereo pairs or M/S pair and even Soundfield B-Format
  • 1x stereo unbalanced adjustable Line input on TA3 connector4 x AES Digital input (8 digital channels)
  • Sampling rate from 44,1 up to 192kHz at 24bits, including NTSC Pull Up / Pull Down 0.1%
  • Timecode In & Out, all formats, follow the pull up/down
  • Wordclock In & Out, Video Sync In all format including Tri-level & Bi-level sync
  • Unbalanced Stereo/Mono pre-mix Line Outputs user configurable, on TA3 and Mini Jack for camera Link, wireless feeds or additional monitoring
  • Headphone out on 1/4″ Stereo JackMachined aluminum housing
    Powered by six AA (LR6) batteries or external 6 – 18 VDC
    Dimensions: 180 x 140 x 50 mm / 7,09″ x 5,5″ x 1,96″
    Weight: 800 grams (1,75 lbs) without batteries, 990 grams (2,18 lbs) with 6 AA rechargeable batteries

Hardware user manual
User interface v4.2
Block diagram
iXML implementation chart


Version 4.4
July 2013

8 channels @192kHz operation is not guaranteed with this firmware.

Fixed timecode (see version 4.3 bug)

Version 4.3
June 2013

timecode stamped in WAV file is wrong when pre-record time is not null

8 channels @192kHz operation is not guaranteed with this firmware


  • Fixed iXML timecode TIMESTAMP_SAMPLE_RATE metadata (could be non-standard sampling frequency when digital inputs were used)
  • Fixed Compact Flash performance detection: in some cases, the CF card was incorrectly rejected from record

Version 4.2
July 2012

8 channels @192kHz operation is not guaranteed with this firmware.


  • Added time display system setting: user can choose to display timecode or program time in main screen
  • Improved FAT32 file system
  • Improved timecode accuracy, fixed timecode format issue
  • Added “C mode” in sampling up/down menu
  • Improved CF detection and performance tracking
  • Improved CF monitoring playback
  • Fixed stereo polyphonic playback
  • Fixed incorrect tape metadata modification
  • Fixed incorrect solo mode
  • Enhanced solo mode: 2 channels solo is now applied as MS if default monitoring is set to MS
  • Fixed minor user interface bugs

Version 4.1
July 2011


  • Enhanced metadata management: FALSE START has been moved in “TAG LAST TAKE”, which offers more option: CIRCLED, WILD TRACK or NO GOOD
  • Modified wild track mode: when enabled, it remains enabled until user disable it
  • Enhanced CF cards compatibility
  • Fixed system crash when recording @96k
  • Fixed monitoring saturation issue
  • Fixed WAV file compatibility with most professional tools (Majax, Wav Agent, …)
  • Fixed headphones lock: it will remain after a power cycle.
  • Fixed loss of configuration when powering off device while in player mode
  • Fixed solo mode issue
  • Fixed pull-up/down detection during playback

Version 4.0
June 2011

Please refer to the SX-R4 Firmware 4.0 Information document for more details.