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16 tracks recorder on dual SD card system

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Inputs / Outputs

  • 4x XLR-3F inputs, individually configurable as:
    – ANALOG: mic/line levels, electronically balanced, with phase reversal, 48V phantom, LF cut and level control on the front panel
    – DIGITAL: transformer balanced AES3 or AES42 with ASRC, phase reversal, LF cut and level control on the front panel
  • 2x Line inputs, electronically balanced on TA-3 with level control on the front panel
  • 4x AES3 balanced inputs on multi-pin connector
  • 1x AES3 balanced input with ASRC on TA-3 connector (shared with AES3 output)
  • 2x analog unbalanced line outputs on TA-3
  • 1x AES3 balanced output (user independent sampling frequency) on TA-3 connector (shared with AES3 input)
  • Up to 12x Mic inputs when connected to the SONOSAX AD8+
  • Optional audio over IP on RJ45 connector, such as AVB and Dante


  • 135 dB (A-weighted) overall dynamic range from analog input to recorded file (114 dB (A-weighted) dynamic range with USA version)
  • 90kHz overall frequency response @192 kHz recording
  • 40 bits processing

Recording capabilities

  • up to 16 tracks recording on 2x SD cards (SDHC, SDXC)
  • uncompressed BWF with iXML metadata
  • 44,1 up to 192 kHz @ 24bits, Pull up/down 0.1% for NTSC world

User Interface

  • Touch screen 2.4” TFT color display
  • WiFi dynamic web-app interface


  • Removable 14.4V 48Wh Lithium battery, SMBUS capable
  • External DC 9..18V on 4-pin Hirose, SMBUS capable, electrically isolated
  • 12V regulated decoupled DC output to power peripherals equipment up to 7W
  • Intelligent energy management with detailed on-screen information


  • Accuracy: 0.5 ppm
  • Independent in/out on Lemo connector
  • 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97DF, 29.97ND, 30DF, 30ND


  • Machined aluminum housing
  • Overall dimension: 200 x 50 x 144.5 mm (7.87” x 1.96” x 5.7”)
  • Weight: 960g / 2.1lbs without battery, 1.2kg / 2.64lbs with 48Wh battery

User manual – Hardware description
User manual – Software v1.2 (see below for latest firmware documentation)

Technical note: Wiring recommendations for SX-R4+
Note technique: Recommendation de câblage SX-R4+

Technical note: SD card testing procedure


Latest firmware documentation

Ambisonic Decoder
Front Panel
Main Screen
Audio Inputs
Audio Outputs
Menus Overview
Record Tracks menu
Take List menu
Setup menu
User Settings menu
Push Buttons menu
System menu
Menu misc
Menu tools
Sound Report

USA version – Audio pro and patents [EN]
Version USA – Audio pro et brevets [FR]




Official firmware

Version: 3.75

October 2021

This version is identical to version 3.7 except in service menu, page SX-LC8+ where a graphic memory corruption bug has been fixed


Updating the firmware

Please apply the 5-steps update process described in the Firmware Update procedure.


  • Update filename to copy on SD card must be “R4P_UPD.BIN” (some browsers rename it)
  • a FULL FACTORY RESET (step 4 of the firmware update procedure) must be applied from the service menu (so that user settings are also cleared)
  • Backup your files then format all your SD cards before applying update. The SX-R4+ reads the SD card content when it is inserted. The recent 3.9/4.0 firmware adds some new functionality (related to Dante tracks) that are not supported by previous versions.

Firmware for Dante operation

Firmware for Dante operation starts from 4.0 releases. Software is available in beta status and can be tested with or without a Dante board installed. We’re still working on firmware stability and general performances (see performances from February 2020).

Dante operation is limited to the following:

  • The sum of input and output channels is limited to 16. Input and output channels can be operated at the same time but direction is given for a pair of channels.
  • 176.4kHz and 192kHz recording is not available for Dante channels (for performance reasons)

Please note that you’ll need to factory reset your recorder when switching between 3.x and 4.x releases (recorder + user settings and format all SD cards).

Version 4.0 BETA
October 2021


  • Added Dante option board support
  • Fixed scratch record (wasn’t working with SX-LC8+)
  • Fixed bug in input menu: for XLR as analog, the 2nd channel buttons were hidden but still active
  • Added an IP address in the web application (so that the SX-R4+ can join an existing network).


Previous firmwares


Version 3.7

February 2020

This is a maintenance update.


  • Graphic memory corruption in service menu, page SX-LC8+. Please update to 3.75


  • Fixed power down issue due to date

Version 3.6
August 2019

This is a maintenance update.


  • Fixed the 4CH OUT on XLR-5M option card bug (see version 3.5 known bugs list)

Version 3.5
May 2019


  • SX-R4+ with the “4CH OUT on XLR-5M” option only:
    after switching the unit off and on again, the optional board appears to be functional, but does not provide any audio signal (either in AES or analog). Workaround :deactivat and then reactivate the option outputs.


  • Enhanced graphics rendering, allowing more channels to be recorded at high sample rates
  • Added SX-LC8+ operation
  • Fixed track name bug: when set to 12 chars, a memory corruption could occur if used with the snippet list
  • Fixed track filename creation on SD2 (file was created when configured as MIX only and without any armed track)
  • Fixed working day freeze screen
  • Fixed SX-RC8+ mic limiter gain
  • Fixed various minor bugs

Version 3.4
September 2018


  • Added school simplified interface
  • Added SX-RC8+ AES gain control mode
  • Added SX-RC8+ potentiometer position noise reduction button (see SETUP/SYSTEM/MISC/RC8+)
    This noise reduction can be used when the SX-RC8+ position is noisy
  • Added solo channel selection in inputs (use rotary encoder push to select a channel, the other, or a stereo)
  • Removed <BEXT> tag in iXML (unused and deprecated)
  • Fixed metadata project name: when modified while recording, it was not set properly
  • Fixed playback issue with (very long) take: seeking wasn’t working correctly
  • Fixed sound report: takes were not always sorted
  • Fixed pop noise when closing a fader assigned to LINE OUT
  • Fixed gain menu interlock when using SX-AD8+ solo events
  • Minor interface enhancements (format card indicates SD card identification)

Version 3.3
March 2018

This is a maintenance update.


  • Fixed DC OUT button, was enabled even in the BATTERY and EXT DC tabs
  • Fixed metadata note edition: possible device freeze when note length is >32 chars
  • Fixed metadata in playback: wasn’t possible to remove false start status
  • Fixed metadata scene modification: take number was not always updated correctly
  • Fixed empty project: ‘UNNAMED’ folder could be created multiple times
  • Fixed track name edit: system instability when modifying the track name or color while recording
  • Modified WAV filename: replaced space with underscore chars (between filetag, scene and take)

Version 3.2
December 2017


  • Fixed peak hold freeze problem (very rare, but can freeze the SX-R4+)
  • Fixed 23.976 & 29.97 timecode encoding
  • Fixed/enhanced SX-AD8+ and SX-RC8+ operation (spurious touch screen events when modifying SX-AD8+/SX-RC8+ pot positions.
  • Fixed input delays (wasn’t restored properly after a power cycle)
  • Fixed max file size parameter (was not saved/restored)
  • Fixed empty project bug (‘UNNAMED’ folder is created instead)
  • Fixed FAMILY_UID iXML tag, in order to solve an import problem with Pyramix with multiple files created due to the max file size file split
  • Added scene/take in the filename
  • Added AMBISONIC decoder, with A&B format recording/monitoring capabilities
  • Added AUTO WORKING DAY button in SETUP/SYSTEM/MISC that prevent working day screen to display at startup
  • Enhanced web interface (horizontal meters, system menu)
  • Minor interface bugs & enhancements

Version 3.1
June 2017

This is a maintenance update.


  • Operation with SX-AD8+ or SX-RC8+ can sometimes results in spurious touch screen events when modifying SX-AD8+ or SX-RC8+ pot position. A fix will be posted soon, please disable bottom touch 1/2/3 push buttons simple touch events (menu SETUP / SYSTEM / PUSH BUTTONS) as a temporary workaround.
  • Under some rare circumstance, a crash can occurs causing screeen freeze and/or icons pixel corruption. We identified that problem when engaging AES inputs at startup, but can imagine that it can happens in other -very rare- cases. To overcome that problem, please disable meters peak hold (menu SETUP/METERS and set HOLD TIME parameter to zero).


  • Fixed option card operation: configuration was not restored after a power cycle, audio was corrupted
  • Fixed XLR input performance: low frequency noise floor (in the range 1..100Hz) wasn’t totally flat
  • Modified headphones limiter: attack time was too high
  • Enhanced note edition: selecting an empty snippet resets the note field
  • Enhanced web interface: unarmed tracks are less visible than armed ones, added SD & power alarms
  • Enhanced push-button solo action: now every channel can be selected (instead of channel pair) for AES, LINE and AUX AES inputs

Version 3.0
June 2017

This is a major update with a lot of enhancements and bug fixes. See firmware v3.0 info sheet for more details.


  • Option card 4 channels out is not working properly: configuration is not restored correctly after a power cycle and audio is corrupted with click noises. A fix will be released soon, use version 2.5 if you need the 4 channel outputs of the option card.


  • Fixed SD card ERROR and SPEED ERROR
  • Enhanced note snippet list. Selecting an item will add it to the note (vs replace it). Selecting it again will remove is from the note.
  • Metadata tape can now be freely edited (12 chars max). When set, all audio files are stored in the path /PROJECT/WORKING DAY/TAPE. When empty, files are stored in /PROJECT/WORKING DAY and tape value is the working day
  • Added metadata take type menu, allowing to select the following: FALSE START, NO GOOD, CIRCLED, WILD TRACK, PICKUP, REHEARSAL, ANNOUNCEMENT, SOUND GUIDE. Take type is stored in the iXML metadata according to specification release 2.01
  • Added configuration save/restore to /from SD card (see menu SETUP/SYSTEM/BACKUP/RESTORE). Sub-menu SAVE OPTIONS allow user to select what should be saved in the configuration file
  • Added main screen peak-meters pages (horizontal, vertical)
  • Added limiter to headphones output (HEADPHONES/SETUP)
  • Added limiter to mix tracks (MIX/SETUP)
  • Increased headphones and output preset count from 4 to 8
  • Added headphones presets selection from main screen when level is locked (use rotary encoder)
  • Added RF64 ( encoding. This format is automatically used if max file size is > 4GB (set it in menu SETUP/RECORD SETTINGS/MAX FILE SIZE). Max file size is now 45GB, but default value remains to 4GB for compatibility reason
  • Added input delays (up to 96k, disabled at 176.4 and 192k)
  • Added project name selection list. Up to 8 project name can be defined in (METADATA/PROJECT)
  • Increased track name and note snippet list length from 8 to 32
  • Added “SHOW F. START” button in TAKE LIST menu, allowing to view false start takes
  • Decreased default alarm level
  • Modified default behavior for input gain long press knobs: now toggle phase reversal (instead of track arm)
  • Added link in sound report title, allowing to download data as CSV file
  • Full rework of the web interface, which allow now to modify monitoring, outputs, user settings, as well as metadata, last takes or track arming
  • Various minor bug fixes and interface modification, such as meters hold returns smoothly, added reset button in filetag menu, fixed battery time to empty, …

Version 2.5
November 2016


  • A faulty SD card ERROR or SPEED ERROR can occurs during record. It happens mainly with low track count (1-3) and high sampling frequencies, more frequently to the SD2 card slot.


  • Added SX-AD8+ and SX-RC8+ operation from SX-R4+
  • Fixed timecode accuracy (was not accurate when cycling power with 23.976 and 30 fps). Also fixed some drift when switching from EXT JAM SYNC to the same frame rate.
  • Fixed SD card filename bug (same filename in a folder).
  • Fixed phase reversal input level issue: when using fader mude, a phase change using a push button assigned function can corrupt the input level
  • Fixed take number generation: wasn’t correct when scene changed during recording
  • Minor interface bugs fix

Version 2.4
July 2016


  • Modifying metadata of an existing take with the HTML web interface results in a bad filename of next take to be recorded
  • 23.976 & 30 fps timecode formats are not accurate after a power cycle

Version 2.4 is a fix for version 2.3, which has a major bug.

It is important to apply a full factory reset as described in the simplified update procedure to prevent running new firmware with an old configuration.


  • Fixed timecode bug (was not correct on SD2)
  • Fixed SD card ‘SPEED’ error
  • Fixed monitoring bug
  • Fixed take edition bug (metadata wasn’t saved properly)
  • Fixed alarm level (was active even when disabled)
  • Fixed take number generation (wasn’t correct if a take was shot with identical scene name)
  • Fixed sound report (false start takes were displayed and projects were not filtered)
  • Fixed system instability involving 4 channels output option card and sampling frequency changes
  • Fixed monitoring bug for 4 channels output option card (mix channels weren’t mapped)
  • Enhanced WiFi communication
  • Added WLAN channel selection for Access Point (AP) mode
  • Minor interface bug fix & enhancement

Version 2.2
May 2016


  • Added optional XLR5-M output card support
  • Fixed input level bug: when entering fader mode with pot closed, level was frozen to MUTE.
  • Fixed track menu bug: in some rare case, modifications were not saved
  • Fixed SD card ‘SPEED’ error

Version 2.1
March 2016

Official version jumps from 1.4 to 2.1; version 2.0 only exists as beta. If you’re running version 2.0, please update to version 2.1.


  • XLR inputs levels remain fixed to MUTE. In fader mode, the input level can be modified using the rotary encoder in the input menu. However, if the input level is MUTE, input level change does not work. Workaround: do not mute inputs before entering fader mode.
  • Record sometimes fails on a SD card with the ‘SPEED’ error on the card. More frequent with low track count (1-2) on high speed cards.


  • Fixed playback channels swap
  • Fixed playback timecode (wasn’t displayed)
  • Fixed timecode accuracy
  • Fixed 176.4/192k operation
  • Fixed record start: under some rare condition, record start could be ignored
  • Fixed power failure filetag: was identical to previous take
  • Fixed ambient light sensor calibration and auto dim mode
  • Added User Settings menu
  • Added timecode date in user bits
  • Added system time zone
  • Added fader operation mode
  • Added SD2 Mix Only recording
  • Added 24bits WAV file recording/playback
  • Added note field in Tag Last Take menu
  • Added track coloring
  • Added meter range user selection
  • Added sound report file generation
  • Improved monitor/mix menu: presets are now independent from each others
  • Improved audio performance and behavior
  • Improved various menus (Inputs, Monitoring/Mixing, filetag, push buttons, date/time, split Record Tracks menu into Rec Tracks and Mix menus)
  • Improved HTML5 web remote application
  • Minor bug fixes and interface adjustments

Version 1.4
November 2015

Version 1.4 is a fix for version 1.3, which has a major bug.


  • Sampling frequencies of 176.4k and 192k not yet supported
    WAV file creation time may be incorrect due to timezone
  • USER SETTINGS menu is not implemented
  • Modifying playback position can result in channel swap


  • Fixed file system (setting file to hidden was incorrectly implemented)

November 2015

Applying a false start will corrupt the file system, making some files unreadable. Please update to version 1.4.

Once updated, press AND HOLD REC button until boot screen appears to power up the SX-R4+.


  • Fixed monitor presets: wasn’t restored at boot time
  • Fixed take list menu: selected take timecode wasn’t correct
  • Fixed pop noise during playback start
  • Fixed AUX AES output: channel status is now in pro mode
  • Fixed various minor bugs
  • False start files are now hidden
  • Full re-work of the metadata menu: scene is 10 alpha-num chars, added tag last take, added user editable snipped list for track names and notes
    Full re-work of the push button assign menu (SETUP/SYSTEM/PUSH BUTTONS)
  • Added file size selection: fow now limited to 4GB (until WAV64 is implemented)
  • Added RECORD TRACKS menu
  • Added encoder long press new menu with various useful links and tools: timecode, track names, track arming, screen lock, headphones lock, display brightness, daylight mode
  • Added timecode set manual
  • Added quick power-down (to be enabled in menu SETUP/SYSTEM/POWER DOWN SETUP): press and hold REC button in rec ready to power down unit.
  • Added solo in headphones menu
  • Added a second reference level: user can now configure ‘orange’ level and ‘red’ level
  • Added a config save button (SETUP/SYSTEM) to force configuration save (done at power down)
  • Player: loading a take no longer begins automatically playback; encoder can be used to modify playback position (1 step = 1%), to change headphones level, enter pause or stop states.
  • Various minor interface improvements