SONOSAX and design

Since the beginnings of SONOSAX in 1977, I’ve been extremely privileged to work with Ateliers Du Nord in Lausanne.

Together with Antoine Cahen, we designed the famous SONOSAX SX-S mixer, whose design and quality earned it an almost instant reputation in the cinema industry, particularly in the USA.

Antoine is known to the general public for designing Nespresso machines, Laura Star, his ADN watches, an educational music box, and many other products.

He was awarded the Grand Prix de la Fondation vaudoise pour la culture (FVPC) on 4 November, a well-deserved prize!

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SONOSAX and lead time

After the difficult period with Covid and the shortage of components, the situation has improved considerably and we have finally been able to stabilise our production.
Main products are now in stock or with lead times of approx 1 week to 10 days.
Mixing console and special versions require between 1 and 2 months.


Available since last summer, the SX-RX8+ is not exactly a Superslot or a Unislot, we call it Minislot !

Built with a minimum of mechanical parts to keep it small and light, it weighs around 900gr with 2 receivers and a removable 98Wh smart battery that keeps the whole system running for a good day of work.

The SX-RX8+ can hold 2 receivers feeding the recorder with up to 8 digital channels (AES31). When connected to the SX-R4+ the 8 rotary knobs can be set in either Gain of Fader mode to control the 8 audio tracks on the recorder. Their Push On switches can be freely assigned by the user to recall specific functions.

As on the SX-LC8+ the SX-RX8+ provides with a USB port carrying a MIDI protocol that can control external devices such as the Sound Devices for example.


A new firmware has been released for the SX-DD2, offering the possibility of cutting the main output independently of the headphone output.
This new firmware V1.7 is available for download from our website:


The first feedbacks on the AEM-1 are unanimous in regards to its unprecedented high sound quality. Also much appreciated is its ergonomic design, perfectly matching the camera body without adding much weight and without interfering with the camera operation.
For most ALEXA 35 users, AEM-1 is a game-changer, particularly for small-sized crew or solo operation.

Carnets noirs

Our beloved François Musy sadly passed away on Wednesday 22 November 2023 after a year-long battle with illness.

He was one of our most loyal customers since the very beginning of SONOSAX. He gave us many ideas, comments and advices. His extensive production and post-production skills have also led him to work with many other manufacturers, for whom his experience and advice have been invaluable.

François was a lover of technology and we often spent time together trying out all sorts of audio equipment. As close friends, we also spent vacations together with our families.

On the one hand a very strong personality, on the other incredible modesty and sobriety. Perhaps less so, while on the set, where he led his work and his team with rigour and professionalism.

Whether in production or post-production, he has worked on over 200 films, including those by Jean-Luc Godard, Francis Reusser, Maurice Pialat, Jean-Jacques Annaud, Zep, Xavier Giannoli and so many others.

Nominated 9 times at various festivals, and 6 times winner, including 2 Césars in France (in 2007 for Quand j’étais chanteur and in 2016 for Marguerite).

Over the years, he has trained a large number of assistants and given courses in various schools, passionately sharing his vast experience and knowledge.

François, we will miss you so much!
My sincerest condolences to the whole family

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Chris Price

Chris Price and Jacques Sax, September 24th, 2018 in Peniche

A sound engineer since 1974, then founder of Ambient Recording in Germany, a company manufacturing carbon fiber booms and time code products, he created the company Cinesonics in Portugal in 2006 with his friend Joaquim Pinto.

He was a figure in audio, always in a good mood and ready to joke about anything.
For several years, passionate about oenology, he and his wife had, since 2004, given new life to a wine estate, Cortem, north of Lisbon. This area was his retirement.

I contacted him quite by chance, in September 2018 while I was sailing in Portugal. I was at the Peniche Marina, very close to Chris who was a few dozen kilometers away.

We met at the Marina, and we spent a memorable day together, visiting its region, tasting its wines, some of which won medals, then its wine estate.

That was the last time I saw him, and it is with great sadness that he passed away on November 11th of this year.

All my thoughts are with his loved ones and family.
Jacques Sax and the entire SONOSAX team

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