Compact modular 8 to 12 channels mixer/recorder with 8 main busses



After the highly acclaimed SONOSAX SX-S, we are pleased to announce the launch of our SONOSAX SX-ST/VT Series.

Considered as a cinema industry standard for recording (more than 60% of the worldwide movie production is using our consoles), the SONOSAX SX-S was designed in 1983 and twenty years of careful listening from our clients have allowed us to present this new product today, enlarging our existing SONOSAX SX-S range.

Thanks to our clients and the feedback from faithful users, and also thanks to the new technologies available today, we are now proud to present the most advanced analogue mixer ever manufactured, using the same mechanical design from 1983, a successful collaboration between our company and the “Ateliers du Nord in Lausanne.

This new range includes 8/10/12/16/24/32 inputs (stereo input optional), 8 main busses, 4 auxiliary busses, a complete monitoring section with 5 LED-meters, a complete communication system with 2 private lines.

The SONOSAX SX-ST is available in 8 and 10 channels, or 8 channels with 8 DIGITAL outputs. Powered from batteries, or external 12 to 18V.

Unlike equipment based on cheap manufacturing, low cost and short life, each piece of component is carefully selected upon its performances and long life duration, with no compromise in order to save on the costs.

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SX-ST8D rear panel
SX-ST10 rear panel
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Block diagram mic-line
Block diagram vca mic-line
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Version 4.4
July 2013
This update is intended to work only with new SX-ST remote control device (TFT screen)

8 channels @192kHz operation is not guaranteed with this firmware

Fixed timecode (see version 4.3 bug)

Version 4.3
June 2013
This update is intended to work only with new SX-ST remote control device (TFT screen)

timecode stamped in WAV file is wrong when pre-record time is not null

8 channels @192kHz operation is not guaranteed with this firmware.


  • Fixed iXML timecode TIMESTAMP_SAMPLE_RATE metadata (could be non-standard sampling frequency when digital inputs were used)
  • Fixed Compact Flash performance detection: in some cases, the CF card was incorrectly rejected from record
  • Improved SSD + CF detection at boot time
  • Added a security watchdog in the remote to reboot itself if anything goes wrong (does not affect any record in progress)
  • Fixed remote control freeze when entering a folder (browse file menu) with a lot of takes (>100)

Version 4.2
July 2012
This update is intended to work only with new SX-ST remote control device (TFT screen)

8 channels @192kHz operation is not guaranteed with this firmware.

The 4.2 release is a major upgrade that benefits from the SX62R firmware.
See SX62R changelog for details.

Version 3.1
September 4.  2009


  • Fixed auto-power down issue: in play mode, system could power down while playing audio files
  • Fixed video error display bug that appears while playing a take that has been recorded with WDCK IN
  • Fixed file system issue with fragmented and out of memory disks
  • Fixed/enhanced audio clock synchronization
  • Added take folder size in LAST TAKE menu
  • Added SPEED master tag in iXML metadata
  • Enhanced UNIT STATUS menu (split into  4 screens)
  • Enhanced User Settings feature, by allowing partial configuration parameters.  System is now able to change mix settings or sampling frequency without changing scene or project name

Version 3.0
June 10. 2009


  • Fixed configuration issue: when returning from Pay mode to Rec mode, the configuration was not recalled properly
  • Fixed some timecode issue: when returning from Pay mode to Rec mode, the T.C. was not recalled properly – in internal out setting, the TC generator may not start
  • Enhanced timecode functionalities: increased T.C. tolerances to better accept poorly generated external T.C. and to accept external T.C. with reversed polarity
  • Enhanced FAT32 file system recognition and disk format utility
  • Fixed system file possible issues: file deletion did not always freeing disk space, fixed possible fatal error 0086 when CF Card reached full capacity, fixed possible file corruption in case of sync errors while recording
  • Improved file system stability
  • Fixed Record buffer possible issue: in case of long pre-record time setting, recording on CF Card could be aborted in Polyphonic mode and Mirroring mode
  • Added device type information, HDD & CF Card total size and MCKL frequency for servicing purposes

Versions 2.8 and 2.9 were not officially released for the SX-ST Recorder. However firmware version 3.0 includes all fixes and added features in these 2 versions as described below.
Version 2.9 changelog:

  • Added FALSE TAKE feature in the main contextual menu
  • Added POLYPHONIC file system (see note 2 below)
  • Added REC ON / REC OFF confidence tone in headphone outs accessible in the MISC Menu
  • Added Auto Power Down in the MISC Menu, allow automatic shut off after a given delay selectable in the sub-menu
  • Modified REC Key timing, if REC Key was kept pressed for more than 2 sec, the REC will be stopped. Now the pressure on the REC Key must be released and key must be pressed a second time to Stop recording
  • Added “System Settings” menu (taken out of Misc menu for ease of use)
  • Added serial protocol to support future external remote control
  • Improved Record settings menu, to display sampling information in the root menu

The POLYPHONIC file format in the “Record Settings/File Format” menu, can only be activated if the MIRRORING have been enabled in the “Routing Settings” menu.
If the Mirroring is not enabled, then the choice of Polyphonic file format is not offered in the File Format sub-menu. The CF Card does not have to be inserted to enable the Mirroring.
If the Mirroring function is disabled, the file system automatically returns to “Stereo”

Version 2.8 changelog:

  • Fixed possible file corruption when recording on both HD and CF Card
  • Fixed possible failure when starting a Scratch Record
  • Fixed a timecode shift (freeze) when in Internal Output mode
  • Fixed Monitoring and Line Out bug when set in Mono
  • Fixed fatal error 0086 when recording in Mirroring mode with CF disk full
  • Fixed Monitoring and Line Out screen when playing multi-track from Mirrored CF Card, only tracks 1-2 were editable, now all tracks are editable
  • Fixed display issue in Fast search mode
  • Set the ALARM flashing in a more visible manner
  • NTSC Pull Up or Pull Down is now indicated with  +% or  -% in the screen
  • Fixed various minor bugs

Version 2.7
November 5. 2008


  • Added feature: MIRRORING on CF Card , the routing setting of the HD is replicated on the CF Card
    Important Note: this feature depends on CF Card performance. Actually it is barely possible to record up to 8 tracks at 192kHz, however a configuration of up to  8 tracks at 48kHz works seamlessly. The CF Card performance is monitored in real time and a warning will appears if the CF Card is too slow ( CF flashing on the screen ). In this case the recording is stopped on the CF Card but will continue on the Hard disk
  • Added TAKE size [bytes] in browse files menu
  • Warnings / Alarms display time has been reduced in order to keep normal display info more readable
  • Fixed CF issue when access time is too slow: take could be corrupted
  • Corrected DSP algorithm in the Monitoring , suppressing noises and hiss bug at low level signals
  • Fixed various minor bugs

If a TAKE reaches the maximum capacity of a drive (HD or CF Card), the recording may not be stopped properly and the take can be lost. Make sure that your recording does not reach the maximum capacity of a drive.

Version 2.6
September 24. 2008


  • Added disk formating tool in MISC menu (works only with existing FAT32 partition) allowing to reformat  the HD or the CF Card without the need of a PC
  • Added empty trash tool in MISC menu
  • Enabled timecode output
  • Added timecode format 23.976
  • Display ‘%’ character when sampling frequency is pulled up/down by 0,1%
  • Enhanced disc free space survey: when recording on both HD and CF, if one disc is full, recording doesn’t stop any more. Instead, recording continue on other disc
  • Enhanced CF real time bit-rate survey: when CF bit-rate is not sufficient, recording on CF is automatically stopped after 5sec (but HD recording continues)
  • Menu MIXING LEVEL changes now applies directly on user selection, so one can hear the modification immediately
  • Added “Can’t record, out of memory” message when trying to record or save a new user setting and disk space is insufficient
  • Fixed bug in MIXING MENU : the selection is moved automatically to HD tracks if CF card is removed
  • Fixed version display in splash screen (build number on 4 digits)
  • Fixed config save when changing scene or project name
  • Fixed free space recovery after delete take operation
  • Fixed CF take number increment failure
  • Fixed Time Code display failure in pause mode
  • Added USB check while displaying fatal_error menu
  • Firmware update allowed only when version product matches with device
  • Fixed loosing config when modifying config while playing and returning to rec mode
  • Various minor bugs fixes