Special use of our SONOSAX SX-M2D2

Joseph Tarradellas, author of the book “Le son suisse” and editor of the “Matériel de légende” section in the magazine “Vinyle & Audio” says: “for a music lover who is also an audiophile and wants to digitise his magnetic tapes (or cassettes/vinyl, etc.) in the highest quality, the SX-M2D2 combined with free software such as Audacity is the perfect solution.”

Up to 4 audio channels on ALEXA35 using the SONOSAX AEM-1 and SX-M2D2

Specifically designed for the ARRI ALEXA35, the SONOSAX AEM-1 offers a fantastic and compact solution, acclaimed by ALEXA35 users for its sound performance and ergonomics, but limited to 2 channels. Adding our SX-M2D2 is the perfect solution for upgrading to 4 channels.

Using a single cable, the SX-M2D2 is powered by the camera and sends two additional analogue channels to the ALEXA35. As the camera’s analogue input has a slightly lower dynamic range, the SONOSAX SX-M2D2‘s limiter can be engaged to protect the ALEXA35’s analogue inputs from overload.

A new batch of SONOSAX SX-DD2 ready for delivery.

After solving the problem of component shortages, the SONOSAX SX-DD2 converter/preamplifier is again available.

For the HI END MUENCHEN visitors, a  SONOSAX SX-DD2 is on display at the PSI booth (Halle3, R09), our neighbour and friends making the famous PSI studio active speakers, and the AAVA, low frequency active absorber.

The SONOSAX SX-RX8+ available in stock

The SONOSAX SX-RX8+ receiver’s holder with rotary controllers is also compatible with the series 8 of our friendly competitors SOUND DEVICES.

As with our SONOSAX SX-LC8+ control surface, the SX-RX8+ features a MIDI-USB interface for controlling gain and other functions on the 8 Series via an 8-pin Binder to USB cable.

Classical recording

Our customer Paul Sissener recording the Requiem of Mozart at the Cathedral de Lausanne last week with SONOSAX SX-R4+ and SX-AD8+, and 12 microphones.

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