SONONEWS November 2021

  • Introduction
  • Trade show
  • SONOSAX SX-Serie+
  • Analog is not dead
  • Filming with the SONOSAX SX-R4+

Dear customer, partner and friend,

Yes, we are experiencing one of the most bizarre period since a year and a half now, to the point that I forgot the SONONEWS this last summer!

Like many other manufacturers of electronic devices, we are also very busy sourcing components, redoing price calculations, trying to get correct shipping prices, etc.

It is not the funniest activity, and moreover, it forced us to postpone for 6 months the end of the development of our SX-RX8 + … We do not give a deadline for deliveries, which depends on certain suppliers who do not give us any guarantee.

We will publish in the next few days the new price list with, unfortunately, increases …

Trade shows

We will be exhibiting at the IBC in Amsterdam, December 3-6, 2021, hoping that many of you will visit us.

SONOSAX SX + serie

Our SONOSAX SX-R4+ and SX-AD8+ are now available with the DANTE / AES67 card. The addition of the card in the SX-R4+ must imperatively be done at SONOSAX. The addition of the card in the SX-AD8+ can be done at some of our agents or at SONOSAX.

The corresponding software for the SX-R4+ is: V4.0BETA if the SX-R4+ is equipped with the DANTE / AES card, and V3.75 for the SX-R4+ without the DANTE card.

The SX-AD8+ software is compatible with the DANTE / AES card.

Our SONOSAX SX-RX8+ will be compatible, in addition to the brands outlined in our SONONEWS this spring, also with the new SHURE ADX5D receiver.

Our SONOSAX SX-LC8+ has been out of stock for 2 months, victim of its success, in particular thanks to the compatibility with SOUND DEVICES in USB mode. We will start new deliveries at the end of November and in order of orders received.

Analog is not dead

This year we delivered several SONOSAX SX-ES to folley recording studios. This superb little analog console, with optional digital output, is becoming the standard for this application all over the world.


Here above is an installation with our SONOSAX SX-DD2, several parts of which were delivered this year, mainly for use in stereo systems, shown here with a pair of SONOSAX SX-ADN2A speakers. Note that this device is produced in limited quantities, once again, due to the problems of acquiring key components. It will probably become a “collector”!


The film “Klammer, Chasing the Line” tells the story of skier Franz Klammer at the 1976 Olympic Games, the preparation and the pressure before the race. He was only a little faster than his main competitor, Swiss skier Bernhard Russi.

Half of the film took place on the original 1976 ski slope in Tyrol, Austria. The other half was shot in a studio in Vienna.

My first idea was to build two setups, small and light equipment for all mountain scenes, where it had the sparkle of documentary filming. And a larger sound card setup for studio situations.

But shortly after having the Sonosax SX-R4 + in my hands, I decided to do the whole movie with this little powerhouse.

Its flexible design made it perfect for this movie. It’s small, lightweight, low power consumption, so there’s no need to carry a lot of batteries with you.

A big plus was the LC8 + and its small and light design. This gave me the perfect opportunity to have an 8 fader linear expansion on the mountain. For the studio setup, I just connected a second LC8 + to have an extension of not 8, but 16 channels.

The simple and clean design of the SX-R4 + makes it very easy to control even when wearing gloves.

And one thing I like the most is that there is no USB connector on the device. Each connection is made with a solid connector.

Entering the metadata of this machine is very simple and does not require the use of an external keyboard.

-Herbert Verdino, Filmzeug, Wien Austria-